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verified usa Personal paypal Account

verified usa Personal paypal Account
Product Code: verified usa paypal Account
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* Windows Vps:


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Paypal Account Bank Verified (USA)

  Paypal Account is 100% Legit
  Paypal is made with Usa Windows Vps
  Bank, Vcc Verified

It was Created Us Real Information

  Open for paypal none supported countries such as nigeria, ghana, pakistan and more.

Please note that the delivery will take 1-3 business days from the time of your purchase to be sure that the paypal account have not any problem,  but mostly after 24 hours we deliver your Verified Paypal Account.

  • You will get me :

    16 Digit Virtual Credit Card Number

    3 Digit CVV2/CVC2 Code Number
    • Expiry Date (mm/yyyy)

    You will get the following VBA details :

    Bank Account Number : xxxx
    Bank Routing Number : xxx
    Bank Name : xxxx
    Bank Type : Checking or Saving

    & Paypal Email id & password,

    Sequirty question & Answer

    You can

    You change paypal password

    You remove or change primary email

    You can add a new card thats withdraw money out of the account.

    You can't

    Change name and address.

    Important Instruction : How to use the paypal in your pc or with your normal IP without getting limited(with the help of cookie

  • Foremost,the package already contains an rdp where u will find a firefox portable folder which contains the cookies of the already created paypal account.Please upload in a file hosting and download it in your local machine to use it in there.In this way,your paypal can be securely used in your local machine/IP without getting limited

When will I receive the information?


Within 24-72 hours; however, at times it can be sooner than that depending on our staff output.

Do they come with 21 day holds?

Yes, all accounts either bought from us, anywhere else or even created by you are subject to holds.  Normally transactions accepted through eBay will receive holds. Any transactions done off eBay are not normally held. This is purely out of our control and largely determined on how risky PayPal sees your activity, transactions & account status.

I am not in the USA, can I still use them?

Yes, international users can still benefit from them as long as you have a way to obtain a USA IP address. You can always send money to your personal account to withdraw funds.

Do I need to add my own bank?

All accounts, you will need to add your own bank to withdraw funds. You can also send money to another account with a bank you have access to.

Can we use the virtual banks and virtual credit cards?

The cards and the bank is only meant for verification. They cannot be used, withdrawn to or used to pay for items.

Buy a verified Paypal account today from a trusted name!

Do these come with transactions? No

you will receive money after 21 days if client wont confirm receipt if he confirm receipt then you get money in 4-5 days

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