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PayPal + Ebay Seller Account

PayPal + Ebay Seller Account
Product Code: PayPal + Ebay Seller Account
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 Paypal Account +Ebay Seller Account

eBay account that is phone verified,Bank, VCC & Address Verified Paypal Account

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I am not in the USA, can I still use your accounts?

Yes, international users can still use them provided you have a way of obtaining a USA IP address. There is many ways to achieve them either through VPS, VPN or spoofing your own router’s MAC address.

What is the point of buying an account with lower limits?
New stealth accounts shouldn’t sell a lot of items. It is impossible to list 100+ items on a brand new account without raising red flags. Lower limit accounts allow you to get back to selling with minimum investment. Ebay will eventually raise the limits of these accounts.

How Do I Get Past The Selling Limits?

Simple, use multiple accounts! Having multiple accounts will double your already low selling limits. The big positive in using multiple accounts is the ability for on account to not shoulder the load . This means, your account will not get suspended as fast as you would maxing out the selling limit on one account.

Do they come with 21 day holds?

Yes, all accounts either bought from us, anywhere else or even created by you are subject to holds.  Normally transactions accepted through eBay will receive holds. Any transactions done off eBay are not normally held. This is purely out of our control and largely determined on how risky PayPal sees your activity, transactions & account status.

Do I need to add my own bank to get the money out?

Your own bank will need to be added to get the funds out; however, you can also send the money to another personal account you own get them out as well. Just be sure to not send to often at multiple times of the day or week. Sending invoices to the account and paying from there avoids drawing any attention to the account.

Do your accounts come with feedback?

None of our accounts come with feedback.

When will I receive the account once I buy?

Turnaround time is 24-72 hours from the time of purchase. Normally we can have them sooner than that, but our standard time is the 24-72 hours. Any delays and you will be notified by email.

What is the point of an aged account?

Aged accounts are less suspicious than a brand new account. In eBay’s eyes, a legitimate new member would not sign up and start selling items in the same day.


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